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BHUBANESWAR : 9337476249.
Do here by constituted and emerged as a
Registered institution with a team of Engineers, Architects,
Chattered accountants, Solicitors and other experts in various fields.


THE ORO INFRACON CONSULTANCY & SERVICES do here by constituted and emerged as a Registered solicitors firm to act and service on its clients against socio - economic and legal problems in and after purchasing an immovable properties.

Starting from fetching a homesteaded land in a suitable locality with perfect valuation , searching for the owners right, title, interest and possession free from litigation and encumbrance, registration of deeds without the problem of under valuation or excess expenses there-in, correction of land records, is definitely a herculean tax for a busy person.

In spite of due diligence some persons prey in the hands of touts, fraud and knock the doors of court as litigant. Keeping eyes over these problem “ORO Infracon Consultancy & Services” a firm with a team of experts aims at rendering best of their services to clients on the following amongst others.

  • Solicited and prepare detailed scanning report on land records, ownership , documents , etc. to the purchaser / Mortgagee of land & building and specifically precautions the purchaser against litigation, touts and frauds.
  • Assist for a clean registration of deeds free from encumbrances, undervaluation etc. and recording of ownership before various authorities of govt.
  • Prepare building plan and take initiatives for its approval/ sanction from Developing Authority, / Municipality/ Pollution Control Board etc, prior to construction.
  • Other conventional and Non – conventional management on legal and Administrative matters.
  • Assist for a Home Loan Mortgage loan ,Equitable Non Equitable , shares Debentures etc, from any financial institutes.